Collaborative email



Email is a vital service for most companies. Therefore, mail servers must always be available and free of security flaws. Any failure in any of these aspects can have an incalculable impact on your business.

At Arsys we can create a customized architecture for your project that guarantees maximum availability and security averages.



Arsys can offer you email solutions for both standard accounts (POP / IMAP) and Exchange mailboxes on a shared or dedicated platform. In any of the options, we will design an architecture tailored to the requirements of your project.

You can choose different mailbox sizes depending on the need of the end user and increase their size at any time, if you need it, thanks to our scalable storage service in payment for use.

In the case of Exchange mailboxes, you will pay the licenses month by month based on the number of mailboxes on your platform without minimum commitment of permanence. In addition, we can backup the mailboxes of your platform with the policy and the agreed retention periods. And, of course, the service incorporates an advanced antivirus and antispam filter.

Your Exchange mailbox users can access mail from the work computer through Microsoft Outlook, from any PC through Outlook Web Access (OWA) or through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets with ActiveSync.

Finally, you can choose whether to delegate the implementation, migration and administration of your platform in Arsys or, take charge of all this and hire only the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of your architecture.



 Without initial investments

With our solutions, you will not need to make hardware or software investments and you will enjoy payment for use of both the hardware infrastructure and the associated Exchange licenses.

 Network redundant and in high availability

To ensure that your email is always running and your data travels safely.


Your email architecture is hosted in one of our Data Centers that have the maximum