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The commitment of the comparator is based on always offering the best possible service to its customers. To achieve this, it uses the most advanced systems in an accessible, scalable and secure environment, which is why it has chosen to migrate to Cloud in a hybrid model that combines the infrastructure of Dedicated Servers and the IaaS Cloudbuilder solution from Arsys.

In this way, makes the most of its systems and relies on the flexibility of the Cloud in its IT architecture in order to face the peaks and valleys of demand.


In 2005, OroInternet developed, a powerful online tool that facilitated reservations at sports centers, such as tennis courts, paddle courts, golf outings or pilates classes, and combined numerous technical features through the Internet, SMS or phone calls .

In this way, it offers clubs a 24/7 customer service platform and an online system that allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to control day-to-day operations: obtain economic information, occupation statistics, availability of monitors, sales of items in store, payment of fees, etc.


From the first moment of its foundation in 1999, Bitware software development company has relied on Arsys services to host its technological projects. Since then, the collaboration between both companies has been constant, allowing Bitware to adapt its technological infrastructures to the specific needs of each moment in a simple, fast and flexible way.

Thanks to Arsys Cloudbuilder, Bitware manages its own Data Center in the Cloud, in which it develops project environments for its own clients without ever losing sight of the highest quality of its solutions, as evidenced by the various certifications it has achieved. .